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The computational genius for distillers.

The app for passionate distillers. Perform all important calculations with your smartphone in shortest time and with highest precision.

The All-Rounder App

Warehouse management
Accelerate asset management

Calculate all important values you need for the operational and official stock books.

Calculate blends

Precisely calculate different offcuts. Reduce, increase or search for target values.

Record data sets

All measurements and calculations can be stored, viewed and exported.

Table books are simply outdated...

... it is much more convenient to simply enter the measured values into his smartphone and read the results. Working with spreadsheets, Excel tables and notepads is just error-prone and of course much more time-consuming. So with Alculate I have created an application for all passionate distillers, so that you as a distiller have more time for distilling, customer contact, product development and quality assurance.

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Nico Petri

Distiller & Developer of Alculate



Temperature correction
Weight or volume determination
Precise calculation
Dilution, strengthen & goal search
Saving/exporting data sets
Temperature correction
Weight or volume determination
Precise calculation
Dilution, strengthen & goal search
Saving/exporting data sets

Trial- or Full Version

Discover the differences between the two versions
Features Trial Version Full Version
Temperature correction
This compensates for the drift in density with temperature changes.
Quantity determination by weight
Determine quantity in liters of alcohol (lA) by weighing.
Save and manage your measurements
You can save measurements and load them later for further calculations.
Export data
Export your measured values for your spreadsheet program.
Quantity determination by volume
Calculate quantity in liters of alcohol (lA) from large tanks using volume and tank temperature.
Determine the amount of blending water required for a given target concentration.
With this calculation method you can increase the concentration of your distillate.
Blend a specified amount of distillate. The amount of distillate and water are calculated.

The basic libraries that represent the matematic physical relationships according to OIML/R-22 can be licensed. Just get in contact with us. Implementations for Python and Swift are already available. Migration to other languages is possible.


Support / Contact


If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact me. I appreciate any feedback.

Would you like to report a bug? Then may I ask you to give as precise a description as possible. So the input data is very important for debugging.

Thank you very much.

App-supported alcoholometry


Accurate determination of the alcohol content of spirits, as well as of intermediate products, is extremely important for distilleries for several reasons. On the one hand, the alcohol content must be indicated very precisely on the label of spirits. Secondly, it is decisive for the calculation of the alcohol tax. Moreover, the alcohol tax represents a certain part of the cost of goods, so the alcohol content is also an economic component. With Alculate's range of functions, you can accompany the entire workflow with precise calculations. In the following, we will briefly talk about the determination of the physical quantities.